The Content Is Dawn!

In internet marketing Industry content is king. Good quality content always plays a vital role in Internet.
Article writing is a art of providing required inormation to the readers. Each and every website should have a rich,
quality and informative content. And content creation is not only used in websites. It also be used in other forms
like newsletter’s, email’s, etc.,Writing an article is not a difficult task. Even if you are new to article writing
or you are going to write about a topic which you are not familer about. No problem, you can still write
effectively. If you follow few steps.

Title of the article is very important. It should not be a long. It should be short and should clearly explain what
this content all about. This is the most important thing you should consider while starting article writing.

Then comes first paragraph, Here, you need to indicate what this article all about.It should also inclue parameters like
when, where, why,who, how, etc., These parameters increases the intrest of the readers reading that article.
This also act as what the content all about. What are all the topisc


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